"Matteo Olivero, a Portrait of the Painter"

Sunday 29th October 2017, 17,30 at Santo Stefano Belbo (CN) Library. Our President Piergiuseppe Zagnoni and Vice-President Francesco Revello were present to promote the knowledge of Matteo Olivero through the Documentary film produced by Acceglio Foundation.
The meeting was part of the program “Voices From Books” created by the Library Director, Franco Vaccaneo, a great scholar on Cesare Pavese. Andrea Icardi, the Director of the film could not be present, but the Composer Simona Colonna who wrote the soundtrack of the Documentary. She entertained the audience with pretty songs and music at the beginning and at the end


Student Grants for 2016-2017

Acceglio Foundation met the community of Acceglio in the Foundation Office in the Town Hall on 21st October 2017 evening 9 pm.
During the meeting was presented all what had been done by the Foundation in the past year and the guidelines of future projects.
People had been given some questions related to their suggestions or ideas through a questionnaire.
At last, but not least, President Piergiuseppe Zagnoni, delivered student grants to five students - Caranzano Alessia- Caranzano Daniele- Marchetti Giulia- Ponza Barbara- Ponza Christian - who deserved the  prize through good scores. This year the value of Student Grants was €. 500,00


October 21, 2017

Foundation and Inauguration Assembly Headquarters in Town Hall

May 2017 Acceglio Foundation Award: Four Women Are Chosen

Acceglio Foundation Award: Four Women Are Chosen

May 27, 2017

The Foundation has firmly wanted to start this year with a particular acknowledgment to people who did some special example or service to the population.

During the evening before the Narcissus Feast it is in the Parish Church that people gather around four ladies who, after the loss of their husbands, through a life of dedication, great work, sacrifice, showed determination, willpower, awareness and commitment towards the community and their family. The ladies were: Giovanna Ponza Pilotto, Maria Olivero Guerrini, Maria Acchiardi Lerda, Giovanna Maria Bernardi Baralis.

Recognize their values is a sign of great and bright incentive and an encouragement to all of us to live in a world full of challenges and problems.

The evening resulted a moving ceremony, so animated and fresh, despite the women’s age. 

Our parish priest, Father Beppe Dalmasso, has welcome all with his open and dear hospitality.

Simona Colonna, the Music Master and Composer (who has composed the soundtrack  music of the Documentary film dedicated to Matteo Olivero) gave a touching and impressive concert with her cello and her wonderful voice.

Moments of the women’s everyday lives had been projected and gave a tone of friendly atmosphere before the award-giving, when commemorative plaques had been delivered to the four ladies.

As a conclusion, refreshments had been provided in a sharing and relax climate with all Acceglio citizens.

2016 Acceglio Christmas Trees

Participation in the initiative of the "Christmas Trees 2016" with exhibition of representations of the works of Matteo Olivero as decorations of Christmas firs.

Acceglio Foundation is participating to the initiative of the Municipality to decorate Christmas Trees along the Provincial Road. The decoration chosen are pictures of Matteo Olivero’s best works.
Our Christmas Tree is out of competition, in fact each Tree will be awarded with a special prize at the end of the Christmas season.The “theme” of this year competition is “The Colours of Italian Flag” (that is, green, white and red).In order to keep the subject we placed a rosette symbol near each picture.

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